Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Success Story: Mr. Kite

Before Mr. Kite arrived to Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Attorneys At Law he was poor, out of his luck, performing for people on trampolines. After leaving, he gets shows put on for him on trampolines.

What happened? Mr. Kite decided to challenge the world in a court of law. That's right, Mr. K sued the Planet Earth and won.

One day, Mr. K was performing a show flying through rings when he missed a landing and thudded hard on the earth... well rather than suing the makers of the trampoline, or the ring, Spt. Peppers convinced Mr. Kite that the ground he fell on was to blame. After all, he wouldn't have broken his arm had he not hit the Earth so hard. So he sued Mother Earth.

He is now flying high with 6.5 million in settlement, and has enough money to ensure that his shows are second to none.

In this way, Mr. K challenged the world.

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